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Nilam Ram

Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Studies and Psychology, and Co-Director of StudioLab at Penn State University

Nilam Ram specializes in longitudinal research methodology and life-span development – particularly in how within-person/intraindividual change and variability study designs can contribute to our understanding of behavioral change. Substantively, he applies these methods to examine changes in human behavior at multiple levels – biological, behavioral, cultural – and across multiple time scales – second-to-second, day-to-day, decade-to-decade. Coupling the theory and method with data collected using mobile technologies Nilam is shaping a paradigm shift towards integration of person-specific methodology with data visualization, gaming, and the delivery of individualized interventions/treatment.


PANEL: Creative Research
TITLE: “Listening for Silenz and Beatz in the Data Forest: Making an Audience's Life in Sound”
TIME: Friday, September 12, 9:45 – 10:30am